Top 5 Memes of 2018

Viral memes that hit online in 2018 made us laugh, think about social issues, and even get into some arguments. Here’s the top 5 memes of 2018.

1. American Chopper Meme

While the scene from American Chopper is from 2009, memes started circulating on Twitter in March of 2018. Paul Teutel Sr. and Paul Teutel Jr. got into an argument about Jr.’s lateness to work that morning.

Now, funny parody arguments have surfaced over the Internet such as political divides, parent versus kid arguments, and the infamous fight with the self checkout machine at the grocery store.

2. “I Don’t Feel So Good” Disintegration Effect Meme

In Avengers: Infinity Wars, Spider Man said, “I don’t feel so good” before he faded away in a disintegration effect.

Many parodies of cartoon characters, celebrities, and general people depicting emotions of emptiness started circulating on the Internet paying homage to this sad scene in the latest Avengers installment.

3. Krusty Crab versus Chum Bucket

User @yungdavidbeckhm compared PS4 (Krusty Krab) to Xbox (Chum Bucket) in his Twitter post on March 9, 2018. It got got over 30,000 retweets in 10 days.

Now, everyone is comparing two competing entities in a funny way. In one parody, Nickeolodeon is considered the Krusty Krab (the real deal) and Cartoon Network is considered the Chum Bucket (the fake deal). In another meme, Red Vines is the Krusty Krab and Twizzlers is the Chum Bucket.

4. Savage Patrick

Speaking of Spongebob Squarepants, another meme from the popular cartoon series became viral on February 26th, 2018 by Twitter user @bvercetti. The original post was sexual in nature so a lot of the parodies have also been captioned with sexual reference.

A funny Savage Patrick meme reads “Me when I kick ice under the fridge”. So this meme can not only refer to sexual references, but also socially inappropriate actions that we may all do from time to time.

5. Change My Mind

Steven Crowder sat at a table outside of Texas University with a sign that read “Male privilege is a myth. Change my mind”. He posted it on his Twitter account in February of 2018.

Since then, it’s become a viral meme that shows conflicting pop culture and social issues that shows where one side is supported but then the phrase “Change My Mind” shows the person is very firm in his or her stance on the issue.


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Scroll through memes often enough to break the stress – but don’t spend all day on it 🙂

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