Top 5 Hottest Memes During Coronavirus

The memes haven’t stopped coming even with the coronavirus happening. Check out the top 5 hottest memes that came out during the coronavirus.

1. My Precious Toilet Paper Meme

On the left panel, you see a goblin holding a roll of toilet paper with the caption saying “My Precious”. On the right panel, you see 5 individuals from what looks like to be 1980s picture with the caption “I’m No Expert on COVID-19 But This Is the Cure”.

People have been buying up toilet paper like crazy and preparing for the worst in possibly not being able to have access to regular necessities during the quarantine at home. Meme lovers will laugh at the thought of being unable to find toilet paper barely anywhere in stores or online now.

2. Obama “The Mask” Meme

We can all relate to this. We are used to getting our phone, wallet, and keys before leaving home, but remembering the face mask is something we are still getting used to since the pandemic started in March.

A popular Obama meme is going around. It shows Obama walking forward in the left picture with the caption, “Phone, Wallet, Keys”. The right picture shows him turning around and the caption says, “Forgot the Mask!”.

How many times have you almost forgotten your mask at home?

3. Going to the Store Without My Mask

A Hispanic man is traveling forward in the left photo with the caption, “Going to the store without my mask”. The right photo is him going the opposite direction with the caption, “Going back for my mask cos they wouldn’t let me in”.

Many people have tried and failed in entering the store without a mask throughout the country. Even security guards or store workers have unfortunately died by the hands of unmasked offenders all because they would be told to have a mask on before entering the store.

This is a meme that could make you laugh, but also give you mixed feelings when you really think about the recent events. It’s so simple to wear a face covering to do your part in everyone being safe around you.

4. Rearview Mirror Accessories by Decade

We all love our hanging accessories that hang on our rearview mirror. This meme shows four pictures. The 1980 reference has a small converse shoe hanging on the rearview mirror of a car. The 1990 reference is that iconic pair of fuzzy dice. The 2000 reference is a feathered dreamcatcher. The 2020 reference shows a face mask.

Yes, you see it when you pass by other motorists. People keep their face masks hanging on the rearview mirrors to help them remember to put it on before going into a store or their workplace.

In my opinion, I just keep my face mask in my purse, but all the power to y’all if you want to hang it on your rearview mirror. It just doesn’t look fashionable, but it may be functional at least.

5. Wife & Husband Conversation

This meme doesn’t have any pictures. It’s just a written conversation between a husband and wife. The wife asks the husband if she got fat during the quarantine. The husband replies that she was not very skinny in the first place. It shows the husband died at 10:45am and that the cause of death was COVID-19.

This is funny in a sense that the wife was able to blame COVID-19 to be able to get away with murdering her husband for his comment.

However, there is also a sad truth behind this meme. Even if some people died of natural causes or another disease, nurses throughout the country have admitted that deaths were reported as COVID-19 related so that hospitals can receive more funding. The low supply of PPE, ventilators, and IV machines cause hospitals to lie to be able to get more equipment to supply the truly affected COVID patients. COVID-19 hit us hard, which is why it’s important to balance the worry and stress with some humor too.


We hope you got a laugh from these top 5 memes during the coronavirus.

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