Top 20 Memes of All Time

Memes in general are so funny and relatable that it was difficult to pick the top 20 memes of all time. However, we narrowed it down for you based on popularity and how viral it went when introduced online. Learn more about each meme by clicking on its hyperlink in the name.

1. Baby Yoda

2. Spongebob Squarepants Nobody Cares

3. Condescending Willy Wonka

4. Grumpy Cat

5. Keyboard Cat

6. Doge the Shiba Inu

7. One Does Not Simply

8. Crying Michael Jordan

9. Nyan Cat

10. LOLcats

11. Evil Kermit

12. Harambe the Gorilla

13. Squinting Fry from Futurama

14. Success Kid

15. “Bye, Felicia!” from Friday

16. Philosoraptor

17. Arthur’s Fist Meme

18. Netflix and Chill

19. Confused Nick Young

20. Distracted Boyfriend


Find more information about these memes and other popular memes on the Know Your Meme website. It’s the largest database to obtain information on the origins of memes and to just have a good laugh.

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