The Top 5 Best Memes of the Last Decade

Depending on when you started looking at memes, there may be some memes that you never knew existed. Here are the top 5 best memes of the last decade.

1. Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce is a girl cat that rose to viral fame when pictures of her annoyed expressions were posted on Reddit 2012. We remember captions such as “I’m Not Impressed” or “No”.

Sadly, she died in May of 2019 due to a urinary tract infection. We still remember her iconic annoyed feline face from the popular memes.

2. If It Fits I Sits

Here’s another cat meme series that originated from the USPS slogan, “If it fits, it ships”. Instead, the cats are shown sitting in unexpected places with the caption, “If it Fits, I Sits”.

There’s so many cats to enjoy with this meme. More than likely, if a cat owner found his or her cat sitting in an unexpected place, they made a meme out of it!

3. Salt Bae

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe was nicknamed Salt Bae after a viral video got out of him salting a steak.

Parodies of the original Salt Bae meme include:

  • When you use “thus” in an essay.
  • When all your friends are getting married and you’re just over here like:”
  • Donald Trump’s head on Salt Bae’s body with the caption “When someone says something even remotely negative about you”.

4. The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava became popularized in the early 2010s with cartoon characters, animals, or people with their feet or bodies completely off the ground with the caption, “The Floor is Lava”.

There’s been other variations such as a person’s body off the ground with the captions:

  • “The floor is me getting 8 hours of sleep”.
  • Spider man on top of ceiling fan.
  • Morpheus image with caption “What if I Told You The Floor is Lava”.

5. Game of Thrones Memes

Game of Thrones memes lifted off in the earlier seasons of the show when themes were dark and risque to be relatable amongst a wide audience.

One of the most popular Game of Thrones memes was from a scene when Ned Stark said, “Brace yourselves, winter is coming”. Parodies started being published online left and right such as:

  • “Brace yourself, Donald Trump hate memes are coming”.
  • “Brace yourself, New Year, New Life posts are coming”.
  • “Brace yourself, first day school pictures are coming”.

Pretty much anything people had to prepare for became a parody of this meme.


To learn more about popular memes, check out the Know Your Meme database. You’ll be laughing, crying, and nodding the whole time! Stop worrying, stress less, and be happy – the science proves the power of memes.

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