The Power of Memes

You’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and find a funny and relatable meme in your news feed. After all, this is the reason many people love scrolling through social media: to find funny memes to brighten their day.Memes scientifically help people to feel belongingness in their lives and be able to relate to one another on social media. Companies have even used memes as a way to increase sales.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: The Feeling of Belongingness in Our Lives

Abraham Maslow created the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid in 1943. It depicts basic, psychological, and self-fulfillment needs from bottom to top in that order. Belongingness and love needs is the third tier up from the bottom of the pyramid.

Memes help us to feel a sense of belonging when we look at them. There are many memes that create a sense of belonging when we look at them based on who we are and how we are living our lives.Some memes are targeted for moms, dad, and parents in general. The struggle is real.

When your children are at each other’s throats 24/7, and COVID-19 and quarantine creates worry and stress, plus your home all day, it can get real hard, real fast. Seeing parent memes help moms and dads to laugh through the parenting challenges they face daily.

Other memes represent the daily struggles at specific jobs in various industries. Have you seen the fast food meme with an annoyed fast food worker and the caption reads “Customers be like: Can I substitute my fries for another burger?”. Fast food workers get weird substitution requests and deal with cranky and difficult customers daily. Seeing fast food memes for people in this industry helps them to get through their difficult days and deal with the tough fast-paced environment.

Overall, any meme helps people to feel a sense of belonging because they make people feel they are not the only one dealing with their specific challenges.

Memes Instill Relatability on Social Media

You may have friends on social media that you do not talk to daily like some of your close friends. However, when these “social media acquaintances” share a meme in which you relate, you will instantly like or comment on it because it resonates with you.

If you post a meme on your social media and someone likes or comments on it, this small act shows that others are relating to you and your current mood. You show that you can relate to others when you reciprocate the action. Especially in the time of COVID-19 and social distancing being more prominent, using social media to find, post, like, and comment on memes is helping us to socially and mentally bond with others even though we cannot always be physically near them.

Companies Use Memes to Increase Sales

Companies use memes to help instill trust between them and their customers. It’s a funny and seamless technique to post memes on their company social media pages to increase their sales.

For example, Jimmy John’s posted a meme with one of their meat subs with the caption, “Me: Can’t wait to show off my summer bod. Also me:”. This meme shows how much customers love to eat their sandwiches and subs even at the cost of their bodily figure.

A mortgage company that provides home mortgages in Houston, Texas used a meme to make the often boring, dry process of closing on a home loan fun and even a little humorous.

When used correctly, utilizing a meme as a marketing tool can create conversations with customers on social media, engage them with the brand overall, and have them visit your establishment to purchase the product or service you offer more often.

Memes Make the World Go Round

Memes are apart of daily life for most people. Our psyches thrive off of belongingness and relatability to endure and conquer our short-term and long-term challenges.

Remember the next time you look at a meme how it makes you feel and how it brightens your day.