How to Make Your Own Meme

If you’re anything like me, you try to pick out “meme worthy” moments in your daily life. Maybe you thought of a funny meme phrase for a popular meme picture or you found or took your own picture to turn into a meme. Whatever the case, here’s a couple ways to make your own meme.

Make Your Own Meme on a Computer

Make your own meme on a computer by going to the Imgflip Meme Generator website. It’s claimed to be the fastest way to make your own meme.

Follow these steps.

  1. Pick a background picture. It could be a popular meme picture, a stock photo, or your own picture you took yourself.
  2. Type text for the top of the picture.
  3. Type text for the bottom of the picture.
  4. Sign up for an account to have your meme automatically saved on your account.
  5. If you find that you want to make a lot of memes, you can pay $3.95 per month to have the Imgflip watermark removed from your downloaded memes.

Make Your Own Meme on Your Smartphone

You’re not only limited to making memes on your computer or laptop. Search “meme maker” on App Store or the Google Play Store for tons of meme generator options. Try out a few on your smartphone to find the one you like best. You can even post some on your company’s website.

The process of creating your meme will be the same on your smartphone as on on Imgflip Meme Generator, except you just follow the prompts on your smartphone.

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