About Me

Welcome to my Favorite Memes

Hey meme fiends: Ashley Brown here! I'm 24, live in Seattle, and I live for memes! Girl, you just don't know how much they get me through my day.

That's why I created this website: to be your one-stop shop for all the memes you need to get through YOUR day.

I'm the Assistant Manager at my local Starbucks, and boy customers can be cranky if you don't get their order right. Or if they're having a bad day, then that means they want to make your day bad, too.

I'm trying to get my writing career off the ground while working at Starbucks. I love writing blog posts, poetry, and opinion columns. This meme website is my first project to get my name as a writer out there.

So while I'm not serving up java in inner city Seattle, I'm at my computer typing away. Memes are just my second passion. Writing is my ultimate passion.

Life, responsibilities, trials, and tribulations: there's so much going every day that it's hard to sit down and enjoy yourself once in a while. Get a good laugh in by looking at a meme or many of them throughout the day. Your brain will surely thank you!